Company Overview

Episolar Inc. is a full turnkey solar developer focused on both the commercial rooftop PV market through the application of its unique mount technology and the ground mount PV market through large-scale international solar installations.  The Company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with additional offices in the USA in San Francisco, and Africa in Accra, Ghana.

Unique Mount Technology

Episolar has proprietary, lightweight, adaptable, and extremely economical PV mount technology tailored to installation on commercial rooftops. Set at 10degrees, the mount has an overall weight-load of 2.6lbs/sqft. and a uniform distributed load of 1.6lbs/sqft., Designed using PPE+PS plastic, the mount has a very high flame resistance and is easier and less expensive to install. Episolar has developed a private label with largest roofing company in North America and also working with the largest solar installation company in the United States. The Company and its founders have installed 110 MW of rooftop solar.


Africa -Ghana

Episolar, through its Ghanaian subsidiary Siginik Energy, has been working in Ghana for over 18 months. We have actively engaged all the relevant stakeholders related to the project: the Ministry Of Energy, The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission, The Energy Commission, our counterparty ECG and GridCo. All parties are fully supportive of the Bole solar project and have been helpful partners through the process.

In early 2012, Episolar signed a PPA with Ghana’s second largest utility, the Electricity Company of Ghana, for 50 MW AC with the opportunity for further expansion to increase the overall project size to 150 MW AC. In October 2012, Episolar signed a bankable, Amended & Restated PPA with the assistance of our legal counsel, Trinity LLP.

The Company is currently seeking strategic partners for project with a view to breaking ground in the second quarter of 2015. This project is the largest in West Africa and the second largest on the continent.


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