Corporate Responsibility


Rural Electrification

Since our founding in 2011 Episolar has consistently observed the highest standards of corporate ethics and remains committed to our core values of preserving the environment, respecting local cultures, and giving back in the communities we serve.Episolar takes pride in going above and beyond to engage and respect the local communities and environments in which we work.

For large scale solar plant projects we immerse ourselves into the community and ensure we are both managing and maintaining a project that is inherently specific to the region. Each project represents a tremendous opportunity for Episolar and local partners to harness the deep tradition, history, and culture of a country in addition to its natural solar resources. Episolar recognizes that local development is as much an asset as natural resources, and welcomes this chance to earn the respect of the community through responsible, effective, and transparent corporate citizenship. We have a threefold approach to each project that includes community, environmental and corporate initiatives.

Episolar believes it is our personal responsibility to give back to the communities in which we develop our projects. On a large scale we are jumpstarting or contributing to the economy, bringing power to a region and providing hundreds of new jobs for locals but also we remember that at on a smaller scale many of the rural and remote areas in which we develop installations do not have access to electrical power. We customize our electrification initiatives to each community and ensure that they also can benefit from our installations, throughout the construction process and for the duration of its use. In our latest project in Ghana, free solar charging stations were installed in local communities to allow for easy access to power for phone charging. We supplied each household with an LED light and plan to continue to provide funding for these units in the future.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

At the heart of Episolar’s solar initiatives lies an unwavering respect for the preservation of the environment and its resources. Each region deserves the respect of international corporations like Episolar to not simply work within the framework of the ecological laws and regulations but make strides to contribute to sustainable development beyond our obligation. The environmental benefits of our product and project development are carried into our construction and maintenance practices.

Solar energy is by far the cleaner, more environmentally-friendly choice over non-renewable energy resources like gas, coal and oil. Our products are constructed entirely out of environmentally-tailored composite material, 100% recyclable plastic; we are a green product with a green process. (cks).

Green Labour Force

Episolar works in conjunction with leading solar supporters to ensure quality and responsibility in national and international business. Episolar’s partnership with academic institutions allows for each project to have a profound impact on the future leaders of solar energy technology in the countries we are presently in. We work with universities and other academic institutions to guide students in micro-installations for accelerated learning within the solar industry. With the Bole Solar Project as a prime working example of solar success, Episolar and these industry leaders trained a green labor force within the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to ensure a future based on natural and sustainable resources with astounding benefits for the countries’ economy and environment.