In most economic environments governments cannot provide full funding for solar projects. With Episolar’s widespread experience and strong reputation, we have acquired global financial stakeholders that provide project financing on both the equity and debt sides

In the solar industry there are four levels of crucial funding. Episolar is certified and experienced to manage a project through the entire process with efficiency from project approval to grid connection. Episolar understands the steps necessary to create a bankable PPA that is crucial once the project is complete. Our partners in this process understand what it takes to get a project from step one through to 100% completion in financing.

  • Development Capital- From project outset to finalizing all approved permits
  • Construction Financing- Shovel ready to grid connection
  • Debt and Equity Funding- 100% funding of the project
  • Ongoing Maintenance- Funding for the duration of the contrac

Episolar has the abililty to provide international insurance plans that give enhanced security for each project. We provide insurance in two different sectors to absolutely confirm security:

1) Public Entities: Public entities such as the World Bank offer insurance that further secures the project. Episolar maintains a strong relationship with these entities that is invaluable.
2) Private Entities: These institutions provide operational risk insurance to insure the viability of the project. They also provide crucial political risk insurance from inside the marketplace to protect against the volatile state of some regions may be at risk of terrorism, high taxation, change of government etc.

Episolar is unique in that we bring capital to projects making the installation process easier for all stakeholders involved. Our experienced team coupled with our ambitious contacts will ensure a successful project.