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Episolar’s ground-mounted systems are the result of hard work, innovation and state-of-the-art engineering.
Episolar has invested time to revolutionize its systems. Through the development process, Episolar has grown its expertise in site preparation and topographical analysis. With a strong team of partners – including electrical specialists and an excavation group – Episolar has perfected its products to work with all kinds of topography: rocky, swampy, sandy, etc. An ideal solution exists for any type of terrain.

Episolar did a detailed analysis of Ontario weather patterns and adapted its plans to suit the special needs and challenges presented by Ontario’s four-season climate. Episolar systems are designed for snow loading and year-round operation.

Other Episolar solar kit design benefits include:

  • Little to no disturbance to your property
  • The ground below the system is still usable
  • Full turnkey services available

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