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Commercial building rooftop installations represent 42% of the US PV market. Episolar has identified a technology that can be used in warmer, more temperate climates with more relaxed building codes. You are just mere steps away from generating renewable clean energy and additional income! And with strong interstate government support there has never been a better time to invest.

Given their tiny environmental footprint, solar rooftop installations are very effective for the overall electrical grid as they are closer in proximity to their end user. They also help cool your building by creating shade and protecting the roof membrane from UV damage.

That being said, most current rooftops were not built to accommodate heavy penetrating steel or aluminum solar installations, which is why the Episolar systems use cutting-edge technology to work with the rooftops of today.
Despite this trend, the U.S. constituted only 6.5% of global PV demand in 2009, placing fourth in national installations behind Germany, Italy, and Japan. However, with continued pricing reductions and strong incentives the U.S. could become the next major PV growth market.

In the first half of the 2010, 339 MW of grid-connected PV were installed. On an annual basis, this represents 55% growth over the 435 MW installed in 2009. Many factors contributed to this growth, including a drastic decline from 2009 module prices, continued federal support, and expanding state-level targets for solar power. One such federal program targeted to solar power is the Section 1603 Treasury Cash Grant in Lieu of Investment Tax Credit program. The credit is fixed at 30 percent. In October 2008 Congress voted to extend the ITC for eight years, through 2016.
Nearly all of the top 20 states experienced demand growth in the first half of 2010, although the pace of growth varied highly from state to state. California and New Jersey remained the largest state markets, but nine other states installed at least 10 MW in the first half of the year. Five states each installed more than 1,000 systems in the first half of 2010 – Arizona, California, Colorado, New Jersey, and New York. Episolar systems use cutting-edge technology to work with the rooftops of today.


Episolar systems can be adapted to suit the load requirements of any horizontal surface.
The Episolar system’s plastic – injection moulds help us fit any sized panel. Different kinds of plastic can be used to conform to all types of weather.