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Solar Skin Advantage

The Episolar Solar Skin is a leading edge rooftop mount that is a leap in innovation for the solar world. The four part system has been engineered to be the lowest weight, adaptable, and economical system on the market. Our product can accommodate more rooftops in more climates with an economic advantage. Episolar will adapt to your solar needs.

Effective product engineering has been a strong component of Episolar’s foray into solar power. Our racking system has over 10 years of design and engineered testing behind it. Over 50 MW of this Episolar rooftop system has been installed across Europe, Canada, the USA, the Caribbean and Japan.

The EPISOLAR system

  • Low overall weight-load: 2.6 lbs/sqft.
  • Uniform distributed load: 1.6 lbs/sqft.
  • Extremely scalable framework; can fit any rooftop or panel size.
  • Only perimeter ballast required.
  • No roof penetrations.
  • Panels angled at 10deg for optimal power output.
  • Efficient installation: 5kW/hour/worker.

Key Advantages

  • Ease of installation=low labour costs, the Episolar rooftop system will lower your installation costs by 40%.
  • High wind resistance, therefore adaptable to varying climates.
  • Does not impact the natural water drainage of the roof, no water pooling.
  • System requires no electrical grounding.
  • Easy access to panels once installed, built-in walking paths to access modules and rooftop.
  • Constructed entirely out of plastic:
  • Designed with the N190X  PPE+PS Plastic.
    • Highest rating for fire resistance, V0 with no flame spread.
    • Highest UV protection, optimal for outdoor use.
    • Environmentally-tailored composite material, 100% recyclable.

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