Solar Basics

Rooftop vs. Ground Design

Rooftop vs. Ground Design

The Ground Mounted System  is used for much larger scale systems such as Episolar’s Ghana Project . The system is specifically customized to the regions environment and climate with a more elaborate feasibility analysis .

The Roof Mounted System is for projects at a smaller scale such as business rooftops. Episolar`s Solar Skin is designed to accommodate a huge range of rooftops where most mounting systems would be impractical or dangerous. Its lightweight, non-penetration design requires only perimeter ballasting and is engineered for easy installation. Episolar`s expertise in rooftop design allows for an all-in-one solution to your rooftop solar needs.

Episolar is a full service solar provider.

A key component of every solar project is the financing and Episolar can provide full funding for all sizes of solar rooftop projects. Through our extensive experience, we can provide full debt and equity financing .  Episolar has numerous strong banking relationship and has funded several solar projects of varying size.

Episolar can finance single rooftop projects or a portfolio of rooftops in similar and/or different jurisdictions. No matter the size of your rooftop, Episolar can provide full funding.