Solar Basics

How Solar Works

Solar power is the solution to ending the world’s reliance on fossil fuels. Most governments are under increasing pressure to comply with curbed emission accords. Since fossil fuels are a source of non-renewable energy, the global hunt is on for alternative energy solution. In this all-consuming search, one source stands alone – the sun. Solar power is by far the most cost-effective alternative energy source.

Many consumers assume that solar power is a relatively new power source but this couldn’t be further from the truth
As early as 400BC, the ancient Greeks and Native Americans were the first to use solar power to their benefit, by building their houses into the side of hills to take advantage of the heat storage from the sun during the day for release during the night.

While solar power is more commonly used today than any other time in history, the fundamentals are about the same as they have always been. The power of the sun is used to heat liquids just as it was used to heat space in ancient times. The photovoltaic technology has been updated so that the panels are thin and smaller, but the technology is basically the same.