Why Episolar

International Success

Demand for renewable energy is growing worldwide; particularly Solar Photovoltaic Energy.
This demand is driven by a combination of factors, including:

  • Technological improvements that have increased efficiency and reduced costs in solar photovoltaic power generation.
  • State legislation designed to both encourage the use of renewable energy technologies and require the use of energyfrom renewable sources.
  • A growing desire among policy-makers to increase electricity reliability through diversified supply sources and in-state generation.
  • An increasing environmental consciousness of the general public.

Due to market demand, Independent Power Producers have ventured into this area of renewable energy technology—primarily solar photovoltaic. Corporations who have financed these installations are keen to reduce their carbon emissions and showcase their “green” there ability to diversify the power generation capabilities. Municipalities throughout the world have moved forward with “behind the meter” renewable projects as well. Private developers are currently pursuing utility-scale renewable projects worldwide, again, primarily using Solar Photovoltaic Technologies.

Municipalities can welcome this type of project for relatively benign industrial use with potential net fiscal benefits as well as added marketing value of serving as a host to a renewable energy facility.